June 2016

Monitoring and measuring environmental issues and other KPIs will happen more naturally if departments across the organization can use tools they know.

It’s hard to look outside during the summer months and not feel grateful for the environment, but many companies are going well beyond that, and making sustainability a key part of their overall corporate objectives. Continue reading Why Excel Should Become A Key Foundation For Sustainability Reporting

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Financial executives are constantly evaluating their own performance as well as their organization, and that’s a healthy sign

There’s more than enough stress in being a CFO today that you wouldn’t think anyone would seek out a tougher job than they already have, but that’s what Jeffrey Bornstein says got him to where he is today. Continue reading The Best Ways For CFOs to Stretch Themselves and Learn

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Keeping up with demand adding automation and workflow in financial consolidations

It always fascinates me to hear how so many successful companies today started in someone’s basement or garage. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the Hewlett-Packard duo are world renowned examples. But even taking a simple cupcake business as an example, eventually its success will drive demand and the need for increased manufacturing efficiencies to meet it. Continue reading Consolidation Lessons from the Cupcake Business

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