September 2016

Microsoft has a fascinating new contest underway, but there’s something even more interesting going on in forward-thinking companies.

When companies use the word “champion,” they’re not usually talking about someone who wins a competition so much as someone who puts their full support behind a project or initiative. Thanks to an upcoming opportunity from Microsoft, however, for Excel users the word could soon mean the same thing.  Continue reading The Excel World Champions Hidden In Plain Sight

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A Finance-owned cloud solution gives the department the freedom to make decisions fast—but involving IT at the right time and stage makes such projects more likely to succeed.

Although 90 percent of businesses are already using the cloud for various mission critical processes, implementation continues at a slow, cautious rate. Take a recent survey by Softchoice, which found “most organizations have only progressed toward [cloud] migration on a limited or experimental basis.”

Some of the relatively cautious progress can be attributed to now-debunked myths revolving around the cloud: security, control, or the threat of “noisy neighbors,” among others. Continue reading Cloud Apps Should Bring Finance and IT Together at the Right Time

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Many people might still equate farming as a relatively low-tech enterprise involving small teams. In fact, the opposite is often true – farming can be a high-cost business that needs as much strategic planning and foresight as some Fortune 500 firms. The one thing they may share in common with more traditional finance departments is the use of Microsoft Excel as their tool of choice. Continue reading Banks need a CFO. Major retailers need a CFO. But a farm? Hmmm. . .

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