September 2016

CFOs and their teams may not consider themselves “evangelists” today, but now is the time to demonstrate the power of analytics. 

It may be hard in some cases to think of the word “evangelist” and not mentally modify it to “televangelist” – those people you see on TV preaching and, occasionally, asking for financial donations. That’s definitely not a role that aligns well with CFOs or others in the finance department, but being an evangelist for BI and analytics might not seem much better.  Continue reading How Finance Can Bolster Belief in BI

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It’s not like anyone in finance walks around all day thinking, “I’m a global citizen!” How they work on a day-to-day basis, however, should say a lot about how international their perspective has become.

A possible role model in this regard is Shyrose Janmohamed, CFO of TFS – Canada’s International School (formerly Toronto French School). She was among those recently profiled by Canada’s Globe & Mail in a special series about changes in the finance department at major organizations. She suggested that while a lot of the forecasting and analysis CFOs and their teams do focuses on internal or local information, true leadership in this area demands keeping a close eye on what’s happening all over the world. Continue reading The Big Picture Thinking CFOs and Their Teams Need To Cultivate

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