November 2016

Spreadsheets are powerful and popular yet also problematic—but if you factor in what can be built on top of Excel, you’ll have found the secret to success.  

With over 750 million users, Microsoft Excel is the weapon of choice for virtually everyone who wishes to present, analyze, and manipulate data. From the youngsters who already boast of being Excel champions—like Michael Kelly, an 18-year-old high-school student in Nebraska who recently became the 2016 National Champion of Microsoft Excel—to CFOs and CEOs, Excel is the go-to tool to make sense of numbers that could otherwise be confusing and unruly. Continue reading How to Harness the Uncontrolled Power of Excel

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Clayton Christensen wants organizations to look beyond ratios. Excel, coupled with cloud-based CPM, is ready to help.

If business leaders listen to anyone, they’ll listen to Clayton Christensen.

Besides being a highly-respected business professor at Harvard University, Christensen is also widely considered among the first to use (and define) terms like “disruptive innovation” which are now bandied about everywhere in corporate circles. Continue reading Don’t Blame Spreadsheets for Short-Term Thinking

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