December 2016

As a high school student trying to acquire job experience, I worked in a small family business with a long history and owned by a sweet married couple. The husband was in charge of operations and sales while the wife did the admin and accounting.

Because the ledger system they had in place didn’t accommodate payroll finances, those numbers and calculations were handwritten in a notebook. There were frequent errors in tax calculations, remittances, and commission checks, mainly because the people around her couldn’t read her handwritten numbers.  When I came on board I introduced Excel and the number of errors dropped dramatically.  Ah, the birth of a new era. Continue reading The Excel Lifecycle: A Collection of Patch Work

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This article first appeared in the CloudExpo Journal.

Spreadsheets, Clouds and Finance-Owned Solutions | @CloudExpo #Cloud #FinTech

It’s that time of year again! Finance teams are putting the finishing touches on next year’s corporate budgets and teams are likely looking back on 2016 to see what to change or improve in the year ahead.

Here at Vena, we’re making our annual predictions in finance and corporate performance management for 2017. We pulled the predictions after countless conversations with customers, partners, industry analysts and more. Buckle your seatbelts, I’m sure 2017 will be a wild ride! Continue reading 2017 Predictions in Financial and Corporate Performance Management

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Tech execs are taking over finance. Finance chiefs are taking on IT responsibilities. It all points to one thing.

By changing the “I” to an “F” in the middle of his title, Martin Chavez is about to answer one of the great big “IF” questions in large organizations: can the person formally responsible for technology take the reins of finance as well? Continue reading The Surprise CIO-CFO Changes Are About Much More Than Job Titles

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A good rewording of the “if a tree falls in the forest” phrase could be “if you buy a solution but no one uses it, is it a solution at all?”

As we’ve discussed in the past, corporate performance management (CPM) solutions are becoming a priority for organizations of all sizes with the need to expedite, automate, and better their financial processes. However, a solution is only as valuable as it is liked and adopted by your team—to be of any value, technologies need to be familiar, intuitive and practical. Continue reading In the Kingdom of CPM Usability, Excel is King

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CFOs and their teams work hard to meet their deadlines today, but priorities will change as they see themselves as extensions of the CEO’s capabilities. 

When you finish the financial close, what happens next? Some finance teams might want to break out the champagne. Others might at least offer each other some celebratory fist-bumps for meeting their deadline. Marty Borcharding, on the other hand, suggests moving onto more important matters. Continue reading What Happens When the Financial Close Becomes A ‘Non Event’

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