January 2017

Originally published on The Enterprises Project in 10 IT Leaders Weigh in on Their Biggest Talent Gaps for 2017

The future of technology is rife with challenges old and new (think: security and IoT security), and opportunities for digital disruption are up for grabs (I’m looking at you, artificial intelligence). As CIOs plan for the year ahead, they’re assessing the capabilities of their teams and identifying areas where they need to boost their skills. We wanted to know:  What are the biggest IT talent gaps or considerations for CIOs today? Continue reading Cloud Security: A Talent Gap that Can’t be Closed

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This article first appeared in Accounting Today

A guide to the coming year for you and your clients. 

Technology is regularly revolutionizing the work of the accounting and finance departments at companies of all sizes, and 2017 looks likely to deliver more of the same.

To help you and your clients stay on top of the emerging trends, Don Mal, CEO of Vena Solutions, a provider of corporate performance management software, put together this list of top predictions for finance and corporate performance management. Continue reading 5 Tech Predictions for Finance in 2017

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Companies can’t afford to set loose goals around corporate performance management. Start by picturing the ideal end state.

We may have already reached that point in the new year where, if you haven’t actively started trying to lose weight or get in shape, it’s not going to happen in 2017. Goal-setting is easier than goal-getting, of course, but Alan Hart is betting on the power of positive visualization to make at least one potential resolution come true.  Continue reading The Biggest CPM Decisions You Have to Make

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Just how many rows and columns can you put in there before the Microsoft application says “Enough!” Inside one man’s brave journey to find out. 

As Excel enthusiasts, we’ve all been in this scenario at some point: after working for hours on a large, complex set of data, it’s almost impossible not to add numbers to yet another row or column and ask yourself, “Does this Excel spreadsheet never end?” Thanks to Hunter Hobbs, we now know for sure. Continue reading The End of Excel Spreadsheets (It’s Not What You Think)

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Originally published on the Boomi Blog:

Dell Boomi and Vena Solutions have created a new connector to integrate Vena’s Excel-based corporate performance management (CPM) software with Boomi’s growing network of more than 200 enterprise applications and 1,000 endpoints.

The Vena unified software platform automates your financial, accounting and business processes that build on your existing spreadsheets – templates, reports and more – with a fully functional Excel interface.

With the Boomi connector, customers can easily integrate Vena existing source systems and enterprise applications in a fraction of the time it would take to build a custom ETL (extract, transform, load) connector.

Integrating Excel Flexibility with Enterprise Systems

Vena offers a CPM solution that closes the gap between Excel and the functionality of traditional options.

Vena is cost-effective, user-friendly and easy to implement. It ties the power and flexibility of Excel to a secure, centrally managed application.

While other solutions replace existing spreadsheets with rigid applications, Vena’s web-based software leverages your spreadsheets so you can experience the best of both worlds with no compromises.

Whether connecting Vena to other cloud or on-premise general ledger (GL) and ERP systems, the Boomi data connector provides a point-and-click tool and library of pre-built connectors that you can quickly and easily configure, run and manage – all without IT’s involvement.

Learn more about how Boomi can help all your data and applications work better together.

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