February 2017

The future of the finance department may depend on how well leaders navigate potential generation gaps.

Walking in 20 minutes late, expecting only the most exciting assignments, piping up when it would be far better to listen — the portrait of the stereotypically nightmarish Millennial employee in the finance department practically draws itself! Continue reading A CFO’s Guide to Working with the Millennial Generation

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This article first appeared in CMSWire.

We continue our What’s in a Name? series with tech companies BiozDatical and Vena Solutions.

One claims it can be the Google of the life sciences research arena. Another was named by Gartner as a cool vendor in IT automation. The other is coming off a $30 million funding round last year for its cloud-based corporate performance management solution.

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Yes, the job of a CFO has never been tougher, but there are already signs of what success could look like.

CFOs already know they have a tough job. They probably don’t need the constant reminders about why it’s so tough.

Just a few weeks ago there was a piece whose headline declared that 2017 will be the “proving ground” for CFOs and their teams, itemizing all the reasons they’re stressed. Continue reading The Macro and Micro Factors Influencing CFO Leadership Styles in 2017

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