March 2017

If a literary author sees the value in using Excel to keep track of more than 150 characters, just imagine what CFOs and their teams could do.

The story of how a U.S. president coped with the sudden death of his son, Lincoln On The Bardo may not be the kind of escapist reading that CFOs and other business leaders would turn to in their downtime. You don’t have to love George Saunders’ novel, however, to appreciate the process he took to create it. Continue reading A Novel Use of Excel Spreadsheets to Inspire Finance Departments

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It’s not easy for anyone to do more with less, but in the case of the CFO’s team, there’s little doubt their impact is only going to grow.

There are some who mistakenly believe working in the finance department is an ongoing exercise of figuring out where to chop next. Those people might be surprised to realize that even those on the CFO’s team aren’t immune from the axe. Continue reading The Bright Side of All Those Finance Department Budget Cuts

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A chief digital officer paints the picture of a future where finance leaders’ jobs are taken over by cognitive systems. Not so fast! 

When financial leaders attend an industry conference, they’re probably hoping to hear about best practices, new ideas and maybe a little inspiration. Instead, those who flocked to a CFO Summit in New Zealand recently heard that their days might be numbered. Continue reading Automation: CFO Adversary or Ally?

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