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Finance leaders at companies large and small are seeing the strategic management of information as a way to boost collaboration and innovation. 

Ruth Porat is well aware she has occasionally been called “Ruth Vader” behind her back.

In fact, the CFO of Google laughed off the rumors during a recent appearance at a technology industry conference. After all, keeping costs under control is one of the things those in her role have always been expected to do — being a little ruthless about it could be considered a sign she’s particularly good at her job. On the other hand, that’s not why CNBC recently said Porat was “the perfect fit at Google.” Continue reading The Real Value of Clear Data to Top CFOs

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This article first appeared in Banking Technology

Spreadsheets, say some, should just fade away into the dustbin of innovations’ past, but in my opinion, they might be the best bridge between the “old way” of working and the new.

A couple of years ago, online magazine Backchannel published a surprising article with the headline, “A spreadsheet way of thinking.” It was surprising because Backchannel normally tends to focus on the next-generation of technology, so you certainly wouldn’t expect to see something as “obsolete” as Excel spreadsheets featured. Continue reading A Spreadsheet Way of Thinking: Why the Future of Financial Services Still Lies in Rows and Columns

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This article first appeared in Business Review Canada.

Back in high school, one of my first summer jobs was selling insurance to fishermen in Nova Scotia. I would literally have to walk down to a fisherman’s dock and try to sell a policy for cash. It wasn’t an easy sell.

One thing that always stuck with me was the training program, where the big theme was PMA: positive mental attitude. They had PMA in big letters on a board. That job was a great introduction to sales and running a business because you always face a lot of rejection along the way. Through any adversity, you have to stay positive. Continue reading From Fishermen’s Insurance to Finance CEO: Lessons from a Serial Software Salesman

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