New research indicates that finance leaders feel over-burdened, and companies may not be doing enough to groom a more diverse group of successors. 

Everyone has their breaking point — including the most ambitious senior executives. CFOs may be getting closer to theirs than ever before.

Just look at the results of a survey by Dun & Bradstreet, where more than 200 financial leaders were asked to discuss how they feel about their role, their workload and the pressures they face. It’s not a pretty picture, as an article on Credit Strategy shows:  Continue reading The Only Ways To Solve A Rise In CFO Stress

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Hosted applications were once considered too high risks, but now even the pros are reconsidering their position. 

Over the years, finance leaders have probably gotten used to hearing “no” from the IT department when they asked to have certain kinds of technologies installed. It may come as something of a surprise, therefore, when CFOs begin hearing CIOs say “yes” to the cloud. Continue reading What the Change Towards Security in the Cloud Means for CFOs

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A report from Amex and Institutional Investor shows a remarkable upswing in how finance departments plan to spend.

Before anyone gets any big ideas, financial leaders might want to put the 2017 Global Business and Spending Outlook in context.

Based on a survey of CFOs and produced by American Express and Institutional Investor, the report suggests, at first glance, that the floodgates are open regarding spending trends. In the U.K., for instance, a whopping 99% said they planned to spend more in the year ahead. Here’s a sample of where some of that money will go: Continue reading As CFOs Loosen the Purse Strings, Here’s Where The Money Will Go

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A recent report says financial executives need the right exposure, technology, and team members to take on a larger organizational role.

Even if you’re a fan of the whole “open concept” office space, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a CFO’s desk set up in a company’s reception area. Still, let’s just pretend for a minute.

What would customers who walk to the CFO say? After realizing the person they’re talking to was not, in fact, an admin assistant, might they wonder why someone historically considered a “bean counter” was manning the front lines? Or would they start to appreciate a senior leader who saw a direct link between customer experience and financial performance? Continue reading The Case For Bringing CFOs And Customers Closer Together

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