Hosted applications were once considered too high risks, but now even the pros are reconsidering their position. 

Over the years, finance leaders have probably gotten used to hearing “no” from the IT department when they asked to have certain kinds of technologies installed. It may come as something of a surprise, therefore, when CFOs begin hearing CIOs say “yes” to the cloud. Continue reading What the Change Towards Security in the Cloud Means for CFOs

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The last thing organizations want is more complexity in their applications and data centers. That’s why the cloud migration can’t happen quickly enough.

We all have our personal center of gravity — that metaphorical place where we feel sure of ourselves and who we are. It could be a physical place or merely a state of mind, but one thing’s for sure — when your center of gravity shifts, everything shifts with it. That’s literally what’s happening with data in the enterprise. Continue reading Defying (Data) Gravity

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Fresh data on adoption and use case scenarios for business intelligence software indicates we’re reaching a tipping point away from on-premise deployments and towards a complete embrace of cloud-based CPM.

You have to crawl before you can walk, but eventually, we all learn how to run. That’s not a bad metaphor for the way companies are moving towards corporate performance management in the cloud. There’s evidence that a number of firms are already starting to sprint.  Continue reading The Race to Embrace Cloud-Based CPM Is Accelerating Quickly

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This article first appeared in Accounting Today

A guide to the coming year for you and your clients. 

Technology is regularly revolutionizing the work of the accounting and finance departments at companies of all sizes, and 2017 looks likely to deliver more of the same.

To help you and your clients stay on top of the emerging trends, Don Mal, CEO of Vena Solutions, a provider of corporate performance management software, put together this list of top predictions for finance and corporate performance management. Continue reading 5 Tech Predictions for Finance in 2017

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