Month-End Close

CFOs and their teams work hard to meet their deadlines today, but priorities will change as they see themselves as extensions of the CEO’s capabilities. 

When you finish the financial close, what happens next? Some finance teams might want to break out the champagne. Others might at least offer each other some celebratory fist-bumps for meeting their deadline. Marty Borcharding, on the other hand, suggests moving onto more important matters. Continue reading What Happens When the Financial Close Becomes A ‘Non Event’

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Keeping up with demand adding automation and workflow in financial consolidations

It always fascinates me to hear how so many successful companies today started in someone’s basement or garage. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the Hewlett-Packard duo are world renowned examples. But even taking a simple cupcake business as an example, eventually its success will drive demand and the need for increased manufacturing efficiencies to meet it. Continue reading Consolidation Lessons from the Cupcake Business

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Originally published on the Certent Insider blog. 

If you’re a finance professional, the terms “quarter-end” and “year-end” will evoke a certain emotional response. The quarterly fire drill of gathering documents from different departments with deadlines looming, compounded by the high stakes of ensuring compliance with the SEC is enough to make you pull your hair out. Your company’s disclosure documents tell the world your company’s financial story, and as the author you want to be sure the message is being conveyed clearly. A disclosure management platform allows greater collaboration with team members, control over your data and eliminates the manual processes associated with 10Q, 10K, and more. Continue reading What is a Disclosure Management Solution and Why Does Your Company Need One

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