If you haven’t started looking at this best practice model for seamless management, there’s no better time than now. 

When you walk around the office — maybe while giving a new employee the grand tour on their first day, for example — everyone looks like they’re part of one cohesive team. It’s only when things seem to go wrong that finance, HR, sales, and marketing start to look like little fiefdoms. Continue reading The No. 1 Reason to Get Serious About Integrated Planning

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Finance leaders at companies large and small are seeing the strategic management of information as a way to boost collaboration and innovation. 

Ruth Porat is well aware she has occasionally been called “Ruth Vader” behind her back.

In fact, the CFO of Google laughed off the rumors during a recent appearance at a technology industry conference. After all, keeping costs under control is one of the things those in her role have always been expected to do — being a little ruthless about it could be considered a sign she’s particularly good at her job. On the other hand, that’s not why CNBC recently said Porat was “the perfect fit at Google.” Continue reading The Real Value of Clear Data to Top CFOs

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Quote by Christopher Lah, Revenue Cycle Senior Director at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Putting the right information into one place should enable better decision-making, but first you need to avoid the most common design traps.

If you’re driving a car, you probably only glance at the dashboard every now and then — you know, to check your speed vs. the speed limit, to make sure you have enough gas and so on. No one expects the dashboard to tell you how to actually drive. Financial dashboards are no different. Or at least, they shouldn’t be. Continue reading How To Build Dashboards that Overcome the Doubters

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A research firm predicts ERP will encroach on corporate performance management, but let’s get a few things straight first.

In a battle between enterprise resource planning and corporate performance management, everybody loses.

What ultimately matters to all organizations is how well they manage their resources and grow, not whether they need to extend the value of their ERP implementation or invest in CPM. For obvious reasons, business leaders will take whatever approach offers the quickest time to value, and in many cases that will mean making ERP and CPM coexist more comfortably. Continue reading The Shape of CPM to Come

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While some research suggests other priorities are preoccupying CFOs, other experts suggest scenario planning and analytics are closely related. 

“That’s just how we roll.” Even if you’re not a gangsta rapper or a hipster, you probably recognize the phrase. It’s just a way of taking ownership for what may seem like an unorthodox or original way of behaving. Few companies would be nearly as confident, on the other hand, to say, “that’s how we do rolling forecasts.” Continue reading You May Be More Prepared For Rolling Forecasts Than You Think

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