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New research indicates that finance leaders feel over-burdened, and companies may not be doing enough to groom a more diverse group of successors. 

Everyone has their breaking point — including the most ambitious senior executives. CFOs may be getting closer to theirs than ever before.

Just look at the results of a survey by Dun & Bradstreet, where more than 200 financial leaders were asked to discuss how they feel about their role, their workload and the pressures they face. It’s not a pretty picture, as an article on Credit Strategy shows:  Continue reading The Only Ways To Solve A Rise In CFO Stress

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This article first appeared in CIO.com

Executives who spend much of their time on the road share their tips for keeping up with work and staying connected to the office.

Today, entrepreneurs and executives are just as likely to be working remotely as they are from a traditional office.  And, as anyone who has traveled for business knows, it’s not always easy to stay connected to colleagues and clients and get work done when you’re on the go. But these suggestions can help you be more productive wherever work takes you. Continue reading In the News | 10 essential productivity tips for road warriors

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This article first appeared in TechTarget.

By subscribing to cloud-based Vena, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices retains the familiarity of spreadsheets and gains major advantages in speed, accuracy and productivity.

With cloud-based business budgeting software from Vena Solutions, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is about 10 times more productive during the annual budgeting process than it was with Microsoft Excel, and the budget is much more detailed, according to the top accountant for the real estate brokerage. Continue reading In the News | Business budgeting software boosts productivity for real estate broker

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This article first appeared in Channel Buzz.

Toronto-based SaaS CPM vendor Vena used its annual user event to extend its support to Office 365, and establish their Vena Exchange, a vetted library for customers to share Excel best practices templates.

NEW ORLEANS – This week, at VenaNOLA, their first-ever user event here, Toronto-based Vena Solutions made two major announcements. They have always been laser-focused on desktop Excel, but now have extended their Microsoft support with a new Office 365 integration. They also announced Vena Exchange – a new library of vetted Excel best practices templates that Vena ultimately intends to both extend and automate. Continue reading In the News | Vena announces Office 365 integration, best practices library at first user event

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