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A survey says workers would be a lot more productive if the systems they use were more interactive. The solution may already be within reach.

Stop what you’re doing. Close your most recent files and sign out of your usual applications. It’s time to do some group problem-solving, and that means it’s time for all of us to boot up our team collaboration system instead. Continue reading The Immersive Collaboration Tool Everybody’s Already Using

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This article first appeared in Banking Technology

Spreadsheets, say some, should just fade away into the dustbin of innovations’ past, but in my opinion, they might be the best bridge between the “old way” of working and the new.

A couple of years ago, online magazine Backchannel published a surprising article with the headline, “A spreadsheet way of thinking.” It was surprising because Backchannel normally tends to focus on the next-generation of technology, so you certainly wouldn’t expect to see something as “obsolete” as Excel spreadsheets featured. Continue reading A Spreadsheet Way of Thinking: Why the Future of Financial Services Still Lies in Rows and Columns

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Hosted applications were once considered too high risks, but now even the pros are reconsidering their position. 

Over the years, finance leaders have probably gotten used to hearing “no” from the IT department when they asked to have certain kinds of technologies installed. It may come as something of a surprise, therefore, when CFOs begin hearing CIOs say “yes” to the cloud. Continue reading What the Change Towards Security in the Cloud Means for CFOs

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Employee expectations for IT tools and services are being set by products that span work and home — like Excel.

The boundary lines between work and our personal lives may have blurred a lot over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean they have disappeared entirely — as a recent story involving Excel spreadsheets proves. Continue reading Why Consumer-Friendly Technology Has A Place In the Enterprise, Too

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